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Revolutionary Fitness Cali is proud to be the first biohacking smart gym in the Fresno area! We are excited to introduce you to cutting-edge fitness technology that will assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals. Our ARX and CAR.o.l technologies, along with other state-of-the-art recovery and analytical tools, provide our clients with more effective, efficient, and quantified workouts in just minutes – not hours – per week. We provide safe and personalized personal training programs for every member in private and semi-private formats.


At Revolutionary Fitness Cali, we believe in leveraging the latest technologies in fitness to give our clients a holistic, quantifiable, efficient, effective workout with tangible results you can see in minutes – not hours per week.

Further, we understand that every body is different and faces unique challenges, whether it be post-menopausal changes, injuries, athletic goals, weight loss, or simply strength and confidence for a healthy lifestyle. We focus on your body, your unique goals, and a fitness plan that’s personalized to you– no matter your age or fitness level.

Our Philosophy

As an athletic trainer with over 10 years of experience in personal training, I have observed a workout philosophy that is troubling to me. Namely, that if we workout more and eat less, we will be fit, healthy and lose weight. I have witnessed many women (and men) pressuring themselves to workout harder and harder while judging themselves when the results don’t come. Women fight middle age weight gain, starve themselves, and experience joint pain and injuries because they rely on subjective experiences and do not give their bodies time to recover. That’s why I started my business. Women (and men) deserve to feel confident and strong at any age. There IS a way to exercise less, eat more and get results that leave my clients feeling confident, energized and healthy. Throughout my years I have never come across such an amazing non-discriminating strength training program. My mission is to show (with numbers) that this is a better, smarter path to fitness, and I invite you to contact me to learn more and experience it for yourself.

Rochelle Collinwood, Owner/Trainer


3 Sessions for only $60


We are an essential fitness business, and cleanliness is a top priority! We believe in maintaining an environment that is safe, clean, and comfortable, and we ensure that every surface is sparkling clean and sanitized for each training session. In addition, we run air filtration systems, and our private and semi-private sessions offer added protection as only you and your trainer will be in studio at the same time.

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