A.I. Driven Cardio Training System

CAR.O.L is an artificially intelligent highly specialized, custom built exercise bike. It is the most efficient cardiovascular training system on the market today, delivering high intensity interval training while analyzing your performance during every ride. Users achieve the same results in 40 seconds of hard work (within a less than 9 minutes session) as they would with a 45 minute jog.

CAR.O.L will increase, decrease or not change the resistance depending on rider performance and biometric measurements. Fine and automatic adjustments ensure that riders from 25-80 years old can exercise confidently because each session is customized to their ability.

CAROL benefits: Recommended 2-3 times a week

  • increased endurance
  • increased HDL Cholesterol
  • 95% less time exercising
  • used as a stress release
  • improves blood sugar
  • improves blood pressure
  • weight loss
  • reduce risk of heart disease