Results Tracking

Unlike traditional gyms and workout technology, Revolutionary Fitness Cali incorporates built-in monitoring technology that allows clients to see objective, data-driven results and feedback real time. In other words, your progress isn’t subjective or just based on how you “feel” – it’s based on factual data. Both the ARX and CAR.o.L machines offer this benefit, as does our 3D body scan for month to month progress comparisons.


The new standard for body composition assessments.

High resolution body scan of you. Obtain a full 3D image of your body from a 40 second scan.

Cloud Reporting. View your data on any device from anywhere including single scan report and side by side comparisons.

Measurements. The most crucial measurements are accurately extracted automatically from the high-resolution 3D scan.

Body Shape Wellness Score. Obtain personal body shape rating with an understanding of health, based on where mass is within the body.

Track Progress. Track overall fitness progression by comparing personal scans over time.