Wellbeing & Recovery Tools

Red Light Therapy

Light therapy is used by some of the best health practitioners, researchers, trainers, and pro athletes in the world. So how does it work? Humans have trillions of cells, and each one needs energy to do their job and keep our bodies in balance. Red and NIR light enhances cellular function and promotes greater efficiency and balance in the cellular energy making process. The more efficiently we can create ATP energy in our cells, the better we feel and function. Light therapy treatments have also shown to improve blood flow, and help manage inflammation and oxidative stress.

Weight Loss: Exposing your body to therapeutic red and NIR light helps your cells produce energy & regenerate faster. When your cells are working more efficiently, there’s a wide range of benefits, including improved metabolic processes and in many cases, clinically-documented weight loss. If your cells don’t get enough light, they’ll make energy less efficiently. Even if you eat well and exercise, if you aren’t getting enough light, it can affect everything from your sleep, to your inflammation levels, to your weight. Another key effect of red light therapy is increased circulation. With regards to weight issues, increased circulation has been linked to increased fat burning.

Inflammation, Pain, and Healing: Sick of inflammation? Light therapy can have a big impact! Red and NIR light helps balance the body’s inflammatory effects by boosting cellular energy and cutting down on oxidative stress. Light therapy can also support inflammation management by improving blood flow to damaged tissues. When cells receive the healthy light they need, the whole body has the potential to work more efficiently, with improved circulation and reduced inflammation. Dr. Michael Hamblin is one of the world’s leading photomedicine researchers, and believes light therapy produces an “overall reduction in inflammation.”

Improved Sleep: Light intake plays a huge role in your sleep cycle. If you’re struggling with sleep issues, light therapy can make a big difference! Artificial blue light from screens can inhibit sleep hormone production and make it harder to fall asleep, but red and NIR light does the opposite. Light therapy treatments deliver healthy light to your cells, so you can make energy more efficiently and your brain can establish a healthy circadian rhythm. Getting healthy light is key for sleeping well, and light therapy can fill in the gaps when the weather and time of year don’t allow for much natural light.

Red light therapy: Recommended daily

  • inflammation reduction
  • improved blood flow
  • sleep optimization
  • improved healing
  • improved performance and recovery
  • improves skin health and beauty
  • increased mental acuity
Vibration Therapy

Vibration Therapy helps those from all different areas of fitness to reach their goals in an unprecedented way. Whether you are looking for strength gains, increased FLEXIBILITY, WEIGHT LOSS, CELLULITE REDUCTION, or a better way to recover from your training, then vibration is the tool for you.

Enhance your EXPLOSIVE power. SPEED, VERTICAL, ACCELERATION. Add gains in pure STRENGTH. Improve your AGILITY, BALANCE, COORDINATION, and FLEXIBILITY. Let VibePlate help you become the elite athlete you have always set out to be. GET THE COMPETITIVE EDGE!

– Every Cell Will Feel Invigorated
– You’ll see improvements in strength and flexibility
– It’s a whole body workout every time

Vibe Plate benefits: Recommended 2-3 times a week

  • increased flexibility
  • increases range of motion
  • promotes joint mobility
  • used as a stress release
  • increase production of growth and repair hormones
  • improve balance & stability
  • weight loss