Get a high resolution full 3D image of you in just a 40 seconds scan. View your data on any device from anywhere, including single scan report, side by side comparisons, and more. Measurements and body shape wellness rating to track progress of your overall fitness progression by comparing scans over time. One scan a month is included with each package.


Recommendation: 1-2 times per week

ARX is a computer-controlled, motorized exercise technology that provides you with a safer, more effective, more quantified workout compared to traditional exercise tools. With ARX, the technology instantly and automatically adjusts to your changing level of strength so it’s the perfect amount of resistance, all the time, making your workouts as efficient and effective as possible.

Difficulty: Easy

Latest research shows that short intervals of very high-intensity exercise followed by low-intensity recovery exercise have the same if not better results compared to 45-60 minutes of steady state/ mid intensity interval exercise for improved cardiovascular fitness and metabolic burn rate. Specifically, 20 seconds of very high-intensity exercise followed by 3 minutes of recovery has been shown to be highly effective. You will spend 8 minutes a

Difficulty: Intermediate

Red light at 660 nanometers is primarily absorbed by your skin, leading to vibrant and optimal skin health. Near Infrared light at 850 nanometers penetrates deeper within your body enhancing performance, recovery, and inflammation support. Vibration therapy uses vertical vibration to enhance strength gains, increased flexibility, assist in weight loss, reduce cellulite reduction, and recover from training. This is included after each workout t