Frequently Asked Questions

The WORKOUT = The STIMULUS for the body to respond to. 

3 stimuli that cause adaptation in the organism: 

  1. Mechanical Tension 
  2. Muscle damage 
  3. Metabolic Stress 

The workout does NOT directly produce the results but is a stress on the body. Catabolic- breakdown of larger molecule to smaller to provide energy to the body. 

So, How do we get to these results? 

YOU, the organism, directly produce the result after responding to the stress of a workout. 

Here are the steps necessary to see RESULTS: 


You are Anabolic (the state in which your body builds and repairs tissues) when you are following the three above steps. 

Do you want Results such as these? 

  • Improved body composition 
  • Increased Strength 
  • Enhanced resistance to injury 
  • Enhanced bone density 
  • Enhanced connective tissue resilience 

Enhanced metabolic health/ conditioning 

You need an effective stimulus such as HIT and then sufficient recovery. 

High Intensity Training is an approach to exercise designed to optimize fitness and physique with minimal time investment. Five to ten strengthening exercises are performed in around twenty minutes, usually once or twice per week. Suitable for children to senior citizens, from the inactive to the athletic. HIT is the ultimate expression of the SEE principle in exercise: Safe, Effective, Efficient

Latest research shows that maximum muscle gains occur with a super slow, super heavy protocol: 1:30-1:45 mins per exercise, once a week — the ARX machines use computers and mechanical resistance to maximize every moment of each rep, both concentric and eccentric so you get the benefit of maximum resistance on both phases of the exercise, something that no other exercise protocol can do. 

Latest research shows that short intervals of very high-intensity exercise followed by low-intensity recovery exercise have the same if not better results compared to 45-60 minutes of steady state/ mid intensity interval exercise for improved cardiovascular fitness and metabolic burn rate. Specifically, 20 seconds of very high-intensity exercise followed by 3 minutes of recovery has been shown to be highly effective. 

Both ARX and Car.o.l have technology to track real time changes week to week. It stores data to the cloud for access anywhere. You can see your strength and intensity gains for anywhere. 

Depending on your body, you may not sweat at all, or you may minimally sweat, during the ARX or Car.o.l Ride sessions. 

The ARX and Carol matches your force output, so you are never resisting more force than you yourself are creating. It is one of the safest ways to strength train when aging. Also, when recovering after an injury. 

Depending on your body, you may see results in as little as 6 weeks, yet more commonly people see results in up to 16 weeks. 

We take clients as young as 14 years old and there is no upper age limit. If you have a younger child wanting to gain strength for a sport, please reach out about an exception to the 14yo limit.  

Yes. Sessions expire 90 days after purchase. 

30 days written notice to the trainer via email.

Yes. You can upgrade or change the program at any time.  

For most people, once a week is highly recommended. The intensity of this program will save you time during your week, by giving you back 3-5 hours a week. Some may benefit from twice a week. Please consult with the training staff about your fitness goals, and we will recommend the best program for you.