What Our Members Say

Being a teacher, now doing distant learning, I have even less time to cram in workouts. Thanks to Revolutionary Fitness Cali and their amazing and professional staff, I am able to get in my full body workouts in less than 20min! I feel like I have my life back! Thanks RFC!

Lori C.

The first time I ever experienced the ARX machines; I thought I was prepared and knew what to expect because I had heard so much about it. I WAS WRONG, and pleasantly surprised. I've been an athlete all my life and in just 10 minutes I had a whole body workout and even had a little leg shakiness. I felt safe and confident throughout the workout as I knew that the machines are set to support my personal range of motion and injury needs. The whole system is amazing! You have got to try it to understand.

Sabrina C.

I love the ARX machines. I am an active person in my free time playing sports, mountain biking, snowboarding, but found the strength training is critical in my professional life of being a contractor. The ARX technology is perfect for anyone because there is no danger of to much, like free weights. The progress is faster and the better than any exercise program I have ever done. I loved it because I could spend less time exercising and get better results.

Brad C.

My first experience using the ARX machine was in 2019, it was very different in many ways. First it only took 90 seconds to work a body part to failure which I rarely accomplished using free-weights. Second and probably the most surprising was the slow repetition, it amazed me to see and feel multiple muscle fibers come into play while working each body part. I realized after the very first work out that my overall so called strength (which I was so proud of) was mostly muscle memory. Thirdly there was no joint discomfort or extreme muscle soreness, due to the slow repetition and still extreme weight it was apparent I was not damaging the muscle fibers but instead utilizing the majority of each muscle group. I would recommend the ARX workout to all, old and young, athlete and weightlifter, I am 100% converted.

Dave C.

We have worked with Rochelle for a long time and are so happy with the help she's given us. We are retired, mid-70's, and very active. The strength training we've learned from her has allowed us to remain strong and healthy enough to continue our busy, traveling lifestyle. Her knowledge of actions and movements that enhance, and repair when necessary, various joints and muscles has worked very well for us. Even after surgeries, working with Rochelle and her equipment is even better than regular physical therapy. We highly recommend the quality of activity that she teaches and provides.

Ronnie & Dennis T.

Since the recent shut down, I have been in search of a new, safe place to workout. So so happy I found RevFitness!! I love being able to come in and get a quick workout in without having to worry about coming in close contact with other people. Not to mention the ARX machine is extremely effective. I was sore for days after my 1st workout. Rochelle is amazing and really pushes you through the workouts! Highly recommended!

Giana S.

A great fitness studio in Fresno! I have never experienced such a fast and effective workout. I am in and out in 30 minutes and sore for 5 days. This is great for someone like me who owns a business and has to be efficient with their time management. Rochelle is a GREAT coach and I never have to worry about COVID here. All workouts are personalized and I'm not working out with anyone else.

Marilyn C.